Since 2018 Saint Small has been roaring out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, playing rock and roll with an urgency and go for broke fervor. They know rock’s past but live for the future, singing songs of the head and the heart, from politics to hockey dads, pop stars to radio receivers. Saint Small is a phrase used in Saint Paul when you meet someone and discover a connection – a mutual friend, a past lover, bandmate or neighbor. The music of Saint Small refers to the way everyone and everything seems to be connected, to the little things that unite us all.

Influences? Do you remember 1978? Neither do we. But we like Buzzcocks, The Jam, Radio Birdman, and Elvis Costello, and they made some sick records in 1978.

Artists We Also Like
Rick Astley, Sheena Easton, Can, Jim Nabors, Radio Birdman, Celine Dion

Saint Small is:
Jimmy Olson – Drums
Bill Muller – Bass
Jim Slusarek – Guitar
Steve Burnett – Guitar